The tuition fees of the MTIM program per category are:

  • EU citizens: 4,000€
  • Νon-EU citizens: 8,000€

Payment process:

  • Payment can be made in two equal installments before the beginning of each semester, using the online payment system.

Cancellation Policy

Right to cancel the subscription and refund exists only within the first two weeks of the program. The cancellation statement should be carried out by submitting a relevant application to the Secretariat of the program. The approval or rejection of the request will be handled by the program administration committee.

Exemption from Tuition fees

Postgraduate students have the right to exemption from the tuition fees if they meet the requirements of Article 35§2 of Law 4485/2017. The entitlement to the exemption is granted to students of the MTIM program, whose individual income, if they have the same income, and the family's available equivalent income do not exceed one hundred per cent (100%) of the amount of the individual income, and the family, seventy percent (70%) of the national median disposable income equivalent, according to the latest published data of the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT).

The exempt students will not exceed thirty percent (30%) of the total number of students enrolled in the Program.

The submission of the relevant application and the necessary documents are made after the completion of the selection procedure for the students of the MSc.

Those who receive a scholarship from another source are not entitled to a discharge.


Summer Internship: The funding of the summer internship will be sought to be covered by donors. The students should cover part of the internship cost, in case that the total amount is not available by donors.

Scholarships: Please find more information here

All payments will be made through the online payment system.