Student Testimonials

Maria Tsiana 

3asyR Founder

"The Master of Science in Technology and Innovation Management gave me all the knowledge, skills, and mindset I needed for my business. The faculty members were remarkable in their expertise and commitment to students. The program is focused on entrepreneurship and innovation and gives a complete picture of how you build a product from an idea to go-to-market strategies." 

Sotiris Syrmakezis

Throo Co-founder & CEO

"ΜΤΙΜ is based on a unique curriculum delivered by excellent lecturers that make MTIM appealing, beneficial and usable in practice. It pertains to younger and inexperienced individuals as well as older and experienced professionals. Despite the fact that I attended it in parallel with my duties as a senior executive in a large enterprise, it was well worth it, it refreshed courses I had been taught in the past and, mainly, it offered me a lot of new knowledge."

Petros Asmargiannakis

Edifice Co-founder & CEO, Egrity Co-founder & CEO, Manili Hotels Collection Owner and General Manager

"The Master of Science in Technology & Innovation Management at the Technical University of Crete has provided me with a quality experience and the opportunity to fulfill my career aspirations and dreams. My perspective about management studies has been tremendously enriched and my understanding of leadership has reached an exceptional level. This programme was flexible, yet rigorous and it exceeded all of my expectations. The faculty and staff did their utmost to create a phenomenal learning environment with the highest professionalism, investing in knowledge, tangible skills, support and personal growth."

Ioannis Mandourarakis

Project Manager and RnD Researcher in European Dynamics  

MTIM is an exceptional program worth every cent of my budget and every minute of my time. I was introduced to its syllabus by a colleague of mine while I was working in the operations department, coordinating multi-million-euro projects for a prominent company. I was almost instantly captivated by the wide range of classes on its syllabus and by the quality of the material that all the professors had to offer. MTIM was proven to be the perfect mix of interdisciplinary business tools that I needed, covering various knowledge areas from market analysis and operations management to legal aspects and business economics. Its diverse curriculum empowered me to gain valuable insights into the management of innovative companies and I can safely assume that it had vastly contributed to my next year’s promotion, positioning me along with the company’s C-level officers. The knowledge I acquired is still directly applicable in a daily basis, covering key-decisions and helping me throughout critical career moments, constantly proving its real-world value and practical relevance.