Academic Requirements

All applicants should have a graduate degree from a wide range of academic backgrounds including Engineering Schools, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Agriculture, Business Administration, Finance, Information Technology, Medical & Bio-medical, Military Academies and Technological Universities & Institutes from EU and non EU countries.

Proof of English Language: Students whose native language is not English must include proof of competence and fluency in English language (Lower level or higher)


Visa Requirements

For non EU students | Visa Requirements / Residence Permit


Evaluation Criteria

Admitted Students will be selected by the Steering Committee of the Program after considering the applicants' qualifications, the relevance of their qualifications to the MTIM program’s curriculum, as well as the applicants’ motivation and educational and professional background.

The applicants who fulfill the formal requirements for admission will be ranked according to the evaluation of the steering committee according to the following criteria:

a. Diploma degree and degree in related with the MTIM program courses

b. Relevance of courses and thesis / dissertation with MTIM program

c. Professional experience

d. Research Activities (publications in scientific journals and conferences, participation in research projects, etc.)

e. Recommendation letters

An interview may be arranged for selected applicants.