Program Structure

The MTIM Postgraduate Program leads to a Master’s of Science (MSc) degree in ‘Technology and Innovation Management’. The MTIM has been designed around the specific themes of Technology & Innovation Management. The units are structured to provide a strong and coherent narrative.

The program’s duration is either 12 months (full-time) or 24 months (part-time).

The full-time graduate program comprises:

  • Two semesters of 13 weeks each one with course work on a full-time basis (60 ECTS). Formal examinations are conducted after each semester, and
  • Following the successful completion of their exams, the students will have a 3-month period to prepare their master thesis (15 ECTS).

The course will consist of three main components:

  • Lectures
  • Laboratory exercises
  • Computer exercises

These take place during a two-semester period (13 weeks each).

The courses are offered through an eLearning platform.

The full-time program is altered accordingly.


List of Courses

The MTIM program students should attend 8 of the courses offered each Academic Year, 4 during the Winter Semester and 4 during the Spring Semester:


Winter Semester

  1. Business Economics & Finance
  2. Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship
  3. Production & Operations Management
  4. Decision Analysis & Risk Management
  5. Building and Sustaining a Successful Enterprise
  6. Marketing Management in Technology Firms
  7. Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Evolution of Firms


Spring Semester

  1. New Product and Service Development (1. New Product and Service Development & 2. Electronic Business)
  2. Market Analysis & Consumer Behavior (1. Managing Innovation & Business Negotiations, 2. Consumer Behavior)
  3. Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property (1. Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship (Legal Concepts for Engineering and Technology Managers), 2. Inventions and intellectual property)
  4. Innovation Economics (Economic value of innovative firms. EF constraints. Financial markets and technology companies. Social  Enterpeneurship)
  5. Disruptive Technologies
  6. Big Data and Data Analytics
  7. Business Intelligence & Knowledge Management
  8. Digital Entrepreneurship & Innovation


MTIM Internship: Startup Nation Study Trip


Master Thesis

The program is completed with a Master Thesis.