The campus is undoubtedly the heart of TUC! Students, professors, lab technicians, administrative employees, all meet on campus on a daily basis. The campus is located on a panoramic site on the peninsula of Akrotiri and covers an area of 750 acres, 5,5 km northeast of Chania. It includes the University Hall of Residences, the University Restaurant and Cafeterias, the Schools' Secretariats, the Library, the Information Systems Centre, the Network Operation Centre, the Public & International Relations Department, the Career Services Office, the Technical Services, classrooms, lecture halls and laboratories as well as faculty and graduate students offices.

Common reference points of all students are the Library and Information Centre, the Language Centre the IT & Communications Centre, the Hall of Residences, the University Restaurant and Cafeterias as well as the Sports Facilities.

Μake sure you discover a life outside classrooms and lecture halls, even more interesting and exciting, by participating in one of the student groups, which set the tone on campus!