Academic responsible: Dr. Harry Yuklea


The students will receive a two-week intensive academic training in Israel in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. Internship is optional and students who wish to participate will have to cover the cost. 

The goals of the course are

Experience first-hand the “startup nation” phenomenon and its socioeconomic impact; 

Acquire fundamental knowledge in entrepreneurial policy design 

Hands-on training on startup creation process 

Investigate possible subjects for execution of the final project/thesis in Israel

The training process starts with preparatory studies in the home country: background information on the “Start Up Nation” entrepreneurial ecosystem and a case study of an Israeli company that we would later visit when in Israel; it continues in Israel with a combination of frontal lectures by Israeli scholars and practitioners, company visits, combined with touristic and social discovery of historical and modern Israel. The emphasis of the lectures is on Entrepreneurial Policy Design, and these are in which Israel is recognized as a worldwide leader. 

The training is based on an integrative approach, each day being dedicated to one particular perspective of entrepreneurial formation. Mornings are allocated to academic lectures by Israeli scholars, while the afternoons contain meetings with Israeli entrepreneurs, investors and policy-makers with proven experience in that day’s thematic. 

The backbone of the module is the case study students received as preparation for the trip, analyzed from the specific day angle throughout the week, including a company visit and meeting with founders and current managers. 

The second week of the program is dedicated to site visits at leading research universities like Technion in Haifa, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University and Weitzman Institute in Rehovot as well as incubators, entrepreneurial clusters and selected startups. 

The program includes the simulation of an entrepreneurial journey from idea to the startup using daily “Hyde park sessions” format. 


Academics:Israeli scholars share their knowledge in the relevant research field 

Practitioners:Lectures by prominent entrepreneurs and investors followed by Q&A

Company visits:Getting acquainted with several early stage Israeli start-ups 

Case study: An Israeli firm carefully selected as representative for the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Israel. The case will be discussed by student prior to their arrival in Israel, then analysed in class and followed by meetings with the funders, management and key employees. 

Social events:Mix with local students and staff in an authentic Israeli atmosphere.