An academic and practitioner at once, Dr. Yuklea has been directly involved for the last 40 years in the remarkable build-up process of the Israeli high-tech sector, his career ranging from technology development and engineering to marketing, management, consulting and investment.

Dr. Yuklea has held executive management positions at leading publicly traded hi-tech companies like Sapiens International Corp., Lannet Data Communications Ltd. and Fibronics Ltd. as well as at a series of technology start-ups such as XOsoft, Snapshield, OptoSTORAGE and Bacsoft and serves in the Board of Directors of several high-tech firms. He served as advisor to the Israeli National Economic Council, the Israeli Chief Scientist Office and various international and foreign government agencies such as EUREKA (EU), IADB (USA) and iCreate (India). He co-founded recently Quantum China-Israel Investment Ltd, a Chinese firm specialized in creating Israel-China technology joint ventures.

On the academic track Dr. Yuklea serves as Director of the International School at Peres Academic Center in Israel as well as permanent visiting professor in several universities including ORTU Montevideo, IITGn and PDPU India where is teaching graduate courses in his field of academic expertise: Economics of Innovation, Entrepreneurial Finance and Entrepreneurial Policy Design.

Harry holds a MSEE from TUI, a MSM from Boston University and a PhD from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
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