Call for Applications - Joint Postgraduate Program in 'Technology and Innovation Management'

The School of Production Engineering and Management and the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Technical University of Crete (Greece) organize a Joint Postgraduate Program in:

‘Technology and Innovation Management’, and invites applications to the Program for the Academic Year 2017-2018.

The Master of Technology & Innovation Management (MTIM) program builds upon the technical strengths of engineers and scientists by providing them with skills and knowledges to manage technology and innovation within their organizations. The MTIM program is suitable for those whose working in the public or private sectors.

MTIM is a one-year intensive interdisciplinary MSc program offered by the Technical University of Crete and leads in a Master’s of Science (MSc) degree in ‘Technology and Innovation Management’. Courses are taught in English. The curriculum comprises of two semesters of full-time course work, which account for a total of 60 ECTS and after the successfully completing the courses, the students undertake a Master Thesis worth 15 ECTS, which should be completed within three (3) months (Total MTIM ECTS: 75).

In addition, MTIM offers an optional internsip (Startup Nation Study Trip to Israel) of 100 hours.

The tuition fees of the MTIM program are 5,000€ for EU citizens and 10,000 € for non-EU citizens. Payment can be made in two equal installments before the beginning of each semester. Right to cancel the subscription and refund exists only within the first two weeks of the Master.

Scholarships: 5% of the best students in the corresponding period will be exempt from payment of tuition fees (1st semester: 5% of incoming students, and 2nd semester: 5% of the best students of the first semester).

Up to 50 students can be admitted to the ΜΤΙΜ program, holding a graduate degree from a wide range of academic backgrounds including Engineering Schools, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Agriculture, Business Administration, Finance, Information Technology, Medical & Bio-medical, Military Academies and Technological Universities & Institutes from EU and non EU countries.

Admitted Students will be selected by the Steering Committee of the Program after considering the applicants' qualifications, the relevance of their qualifications to the MTIM program’s curriculum, as well as the applicants’ motivation and educational and professional background.

The following documents should be submitted with each application:


  1. Application form 
  2. Detailed CV indicating education, scientific, research, industrial, etc. experience
  3. Copies of the degrees/diplomas and relevant documents (properly authorized, if they are issued by non-Greek institutions), showing the grades for each course taken.
  4. Copies of scientific publications, professional experience and any additional material that can support the application (e.g. Scholarships, excellence awards, awards from scientific institutions, professional experience as business executive, etc.).
  5. At least two recommendation letters (on the form available at the web site of the Program)
  6. Students whose native language is not English must include proof of competence and fluency in English language (Lower level or higher)
  7. A photocopy of ID or passport.
  8. A Photo (on application form).


Applications should be submitted to MSc in Technology in Innovation Management Program:

  • via on line application system (All the necessary material should be uploaded | Notifications will be delivered through the online application system)
  • by email at mtim<at>
  • by post or in person to the:

      Technical University of Crete

      MTIM Postgraduate Office (School of Production Engineering and Management)

      University Campus

      Kounoupidiana, 73100

      Chania, Crete, Greece

Personal information entered by the applicant will be confidential.

Admissions Timeline:

You are strongly encouraged to submit your application as early as possible in order to ensure that it is reviewed before the program has reached capacity.

Applications for admission to MTIM program will be evaluated on their submission and either shall be approved directly or be referred for assessment by the end of the submission deadline which is on February 2nd, 2017.

Important Dates:

Deadline for Applications Submissions: 02.12.2017

Admission Desicions: 02.14.2017

Enrollment Deadline: 02.20.2017

Courses Start date: 02.27.2017

More information may be requested from the MTIM Office:
Mrs. Stavroula Tsakaneli, tel. +30.2821 0 37348, 37302
e-mail: mtim<at>
Director of the MTIM Program
Professor Nikolaos Matsatsinis