Information on required proof of exemption from tuition fees

It is announced that according to the Ministerial Decree 131757 / Z1 (FEK 3387 / 10-8-2018), those who will be accepted in the MTIM Program and intend to apply for  tuition fee exemption, they should submit the following documents accordingly:

1. Student's application, which acts as a responsible statement.
2. Copies of the E1 statements and of the tax statement (including ENFIA) of the applicant and the spouse if he / she is married and his / her parents, if the applicant is a dependent member, of the last tax year for which, the time of the MTIM enrollment ,the tax clearance has been completed.
3. (a) Certificate of marital status
b) Certificate of education for children who, after completing their 18th year, attend university.
(c) Medical opinion of Disability Certification Centers (KEPA)
d) A death certificate of the deceased parent if the student has stated that he/she has lost one or both parents.
e) Divorce pappers, if the student is divorced or declares a child of divorced parents.
f) Statement by the student showing that he has not exercised his / her entitlement to tuition excemption, by the provision of article 35 of Law 4485/2017 and that he does not receive a scholarship from another source.

The Committee may request any additional supporting documents that it considers necessary.The submission of the supporting documents will be made after the announcement of the list of students admitted to the MTIM Program, according to a procedure which will be announced after the announcement of the list of selected students.

It is reminded that:
1. Postgraduate students have the right to exemption from the tuition fees if they meet the requirements of Article 35§2 of Law 4485/2017. The entitlement to the exemption is granted to students of the MTIM program, whose individual income, if they have the same income, and the family's available equivalent income do not exceed one hundred per cent (100%) of the amount of the individual income, and the family, seventy percent (70%) of the national median disposable income equivalent, according to the latest published data of the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT).The exempt students will not exceed thirty percent (30%) of the total number of students enrolled in the Program.

2.Τhe right to exempt from tuition fees can be exercised only once.

3. Those who receive a scholarship from another source are not eligible for exemption.